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The Natural Champa gift set includes 20 sticks of 7 different scents, each with its own unique blend of exotic florals, herbs, and resins. The scents in the set include:

  1. Natural Champa Classic (Blue)
  2. Patchouli Champa (Green)
  3. Dragon's Blood Champa (Red)
  4. Egyptian Musk Champa (Gold)
  5. Frank & Myrrh Champa (Yellow)
  6. Meditation Champa (Purple)
  7. Vanilla Champa (Cream)

Each scent has its own distinctive aroma, from the sweet and spicy blend of Dragon's Blood Champa to the calming richness of Vanilla Champa. No matter what your mood or preference, this gift set has a scent that will suit you.

The Natural Champa 140 stick gift set is perfect for meditation, yoga, or just creating a relaxing atmosphere in your home. With 20 sticks of each scent, this set will last you for a long time and bring you many hours of relaxation and enjoyment.

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Natural Champa Set

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